Round and round we go …

The NK School Department is using YOUR tax dollars to make the Middle School project look as sexy as possible on brochures and other literature prepared by a professional PR firm at your expense.

Thomas Jefferson once said that it is reprehensible for public tax dollars to be used to lobby that same public in support of one side of an issue upon which many of that same public have expressed disagreement.

But that won’t stop the North Kingstown School Department from using YOUR tax dollars (potentially up to $25,000) to lobby YOU to support the megabond measure – a measure that ironically will increase your taxes by quite a bit.

And by the way, it appears the School Department REALLY does not want us to know HOW MUCH of that $25,000 they are using to sell the bond. Take a look at the correspondence below. Delay, delay, delay – until after the vote. That’s the way our School Department is playing it.

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