Oct. 19 Damning Facts

With regard to the proposed consolidated middle school, everyone needs to watch and share the October 19 Asset Management Commission meeting because it explains so much. And note that the Commissioned refused to make a resolution in support of the bonds, due to lack of information, which is a huge black eye for the pro-bond people.

You will find the link to the meeting video here.

Huge admissions by Superintendent Ken Duva that the real “planning” only started in the summer when he came on-board and that many studies are yet to be completed. They will submit more concrete plans in February with the Stage 2 RIDE application. What he left out is that most districts don’t even ask for a vote on a bond until after they submit for (and even receive) Stage 2 approval from RIDE.

Per Duva: No extensive environmental study completed. No full schematic study completed. No traffic study completed. No study of groundwater/aquafer impact. No plan for what will happen to an abandoned Wickford Middle School. And so forth …

And that’s where NK taxpayers and voters are getting screwed. They are making us vote on the bond BEFORE we see the finalized plans they’ll send to RIDE – plans that as of yet do not exist.