More facts

Item: Regarding the RIDE (Rhode Island Department of Education) reimbursements that the NK School Committee “plans” to get to help subsidize the middle school project, it is important to note that we may not even wind up qualifying for them. And in order to receive at least one of them, it is likely we will have to tear down some existing elementary schools. (BTW, the Committee has admitted twice publicly that the concept of shuttering buildings is still an UNKNOWN, just as is their “plan” for redistricting.)

Item: There is a reason why the high school is centrally located, so as to be readily traveled to by students from both the North End and the South End of town. That is also the reason why we have had two middle schools up until now. How much time will middle school students from Saunderstown have to spend on buses going all the way up to the North End, just short of the EG line? And where is the busing “plan?” Guess what! It doesn’t exist!