Letter from a citizen

Dear North Kingstown Voters:

I would like to be able to retire in the house that I designed (on graph paper) and built 23 yrs ago, that my husband did all the finish work on; the decks, our built in beds, the cupboards … all handmade custom woodwork. I’d like to retire with the 3 barns he built, the aviary, chicken coop and sheds that he built, all with our four hands, with all of the many, many, MAAAAAANY trees and hundreds of perennials and shrubs, and raised gardens (that he built), and rock gardens, and butterfly gardens, the ‘Perennial Flower Shower Garden’ full of plants that my friends brought for my wedding shower (this month, 22 years ago).

I’d like to continue to admire the ‘Davey Tree’ (a memorial Star Magnolia, planted for my friend Dave who died of Leukemia at 40 when I was building this house), and the Placenta Tree from my son Tucker’s birth. I would like to retire overseeing the graves of the two greatest heart horses of my life (among others), all my dogs, my cats, with Hammy The Happy Hamster from Hamsterdam, Chubba, Twibby, Mr Puny, Stinker, and many many others.

I would like to retire in the house where my son was born twenty one years ago this month. I imagine the house transferring to him one day, and I hope for twins running through it. I imagine them with their friends on the same ‘Tucker’s Haunted Trail of Terror,’ the shreeeeaks of delightful fright as they run through the 7 acres that have been in my family, bought by my parents from their good friends, the Squibbs, in 1978. I would like to retire on the land that both of my deceased parents once walked on, hoping that THEY would retire on it.

I have put more blood, sweat, and tears into this property than anything else in 60 years. I WANT TO KEEP MY HOUSE AND LAND AND ANIMALS AND TREES AND MEMORIES!

PLEASE get out and VOTE !! PLEASE.

There are many of us who have built ’empires’ in NK, for decades, who want to retire in/on our hard work, memories, and lives well lived! I want to see the height lines on my bathroom door … until I can no longer PHYSICALLY live here anymore.

This dream is slipping away from me. We must reign in this Town Council! I don’t want to pay more and more and more taxes for some pet project (and personal profit?) that [as regards the proposed middle school literally has no building site yet, no solid building plans yet, and has not even gotten 4 of the 5 stages of approval needed to receive the incentives!

Yes, we need a new and improved Safety Complex, everybody wants that, but not like this!!

When is enough ENOUGH?

Hopefully it’s before we all get taxed right out of our homes. Or will it be after we give them hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to do with as they please.


It is the only way to stop this madness. PLEASE!!!!

ALL INFO HERE: nkmegabond.org

Thank you,

Beth Hill Ross

Saunderstown RI-since 1978