It seems to many that the Town Council, in bundling the middle school bond as a one-ballot-line-item along with the much more sensible public safety bond, did a very great disservice to our town’s first responders.

Our NK first responders are among the best and most professional in the state: a superb collection of talented, dedicated, and highly-capable men and women.

They deserve facilities to match their excellence. And these they do not have.

Many in town – probably most, if truth be told – understand this and would, under normal circumstances, be inclined to wholeheartedly support the $55 million bond for a new public safety complex.

However, the Town Council has disenfranchised the voters and denied them the right to vote yes, thumbs-up, on the public safety complex bond without also voting in favor of the ill-planned, ill-timed, and quite massive $167.4 million middle school bond.

More and more people every day, upon being educated as to the financials and many other major problematical issues related to the middle school fiasco, are deciding to vote down the two-bond package, no matter how much they agree that the public safety bond makes sense.

Many, including the administrators of this website, look forward to voting in favor of a bond for a new public safety complex in a year or so, when offered as a stand-alone ballot item.