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People are calling the two key proposed bonds ($167.4 million for a new middle school and $55 million for a new public safety complex) a “megabond” because they will be presented to voters together as a single ballot referendum item this coming November. In other words, one cannot vote for the public safety complex bond without also voting for the middle school bond, and vice versa.

In the current economic environment, bond interest rates are at a 22-year high.

The current (pre-megabond) residential property tax rate in North Kingstown is $14.43 per thousand of property valuation. This does not compare favorably with the Narragansett residential property tax rate of $9.31 per thousand or Newport’s residential property tax rate of $9.61 per thousand. Significant increases above and beyond NK’s already very high residential property tax rate will be necessary in order to service the whopping $222 million in megabond debt at historically high interest rates, and it will become unsustainable.

That’s 44% higher than the residential tax rate in Narragansett.

A $500,000 home in NK would see a tax increase north of $1000 per year.

Numerous citizens speaking at public forums and on social media have expressed that they would like to have the option to vote in favor of the safety complex, but won’t be able to because they cannot in good conscience vote in favor of our town taking on the total combined debt.

Who are we? We are an informal bipartisan group of taxpayers committed to educating our fellow North Kingstown residents as to the dire fiscal consequences that will result from passage of the bonds on the ballot this November. We are also dedicated to investigating why our NK School Committee wants us to let them borrow $167.4 million to build a middle school that at this point in time has no site, no architectural plan, and (many would argue) no properly valid reason for even being up for discussion. The links below tell the tale. The primary volunteer administrators of this website are Edward Renehan and Rickey Thompson. Let us hear from you! info@nkmegabond.org

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